First Health Physical Therapy | Testimonials
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Noah Hyman at First Health Physical Therapy was recommended by my physiatrist as one of the best. And she was right. I was very impressed that Noah focuses on one patient at a time, which is something I didn't find at another facility. I follow his advice for my exercise routines and this has kept me out of the doctor's office since then.
I have known Noah for almost 5 years and have used First Health for many of my patients. Their care and concern for their patients is outstanding and their knowledge and practical application of therapy is excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending First Health as a top physical therapy practice and am always happy to answer any questions.
Beth Shubin Stein MD
I had the pleasure of working extensively with Mr. Hyman over the past ten years. I find his skills and knowledge base to be exceptional with regard to his treatment of the patients I have referred to him. I find him to be especially adept at treating spine pain patients although he is generally very skilled in treating any other musculoskeleteal problems that I referred to him. He views the patient in a comprehensive approach. He provides an extensive amount of manual therapy, which I find to be very helpful with the patients.
I consider Mr. Hyman to be one of the top physical therapists in the city of New York. I have also found the other therapists in his employ to be exceptional as well, clearly indicating the level of care that is demanded by him as the owner of the First Health Physical Therapy Center. Noah is often the physical therapist I use when patients have failed to make gains with other therapists. He is my therapist of preference for those patients with signifigant back problems, and he has treated some very complicated back pain patients with excellent results. I find his demeanor to be very professional and would recommend him highly to anyone.
Lisa M. Bartoli, D.O.
I have had the pleasure of working with First Health PT during my time in New York and give the therapists and staff their high regard. They provided my patients with comprehensive and individualized, hands-on care. My patients often returned with positive comments about their experiences there.
In particular, I had the pleasure to work extensively with Noah Hyman, whom I believe is an exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled therapist. He is often able to achieve results in patients who have plateaued with treatment by other therapists. The quality of his care shows not only in the compliments patients have given him but also in the improvements that his patients make.
Joseph Lee, MD
Noah gave me the personal attention and care I needed to improve my injuries and get back to doing what
I love. His knowledge of anatomy, body movement and great attitude made physical therapy seem like the perfect combo of rehab, strength training and fun. If getting re-injured wasn't required to go back and see Noah, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Andrew Hoffman Sports Illustrated
Noah Hyman is a physical therapist who few can match. He is compassionate, caring and a magician in returning function to those in need. His kindness coupled with expert skill set leaves me not to wonder why he is one of the very best.
Robert S. Gotlin, D.O.
I recommend First Health very highly. I have had to use their expertise for different problems over the past few years, I have consistently been given excellent care. First there is a thorough exam of the areas that need to be addressed. There is active hands on therapy (not just putting you on a TENS unit and ice for most of the session, which I learned from my first PT experience with a company that was on my insurance). Most importantly for me, Noah has taught me how to move (literally) through my daily routines, from how to get up in the morning, to how to sit and stand while I work on my patients (I am a dentist). The exercises he gives me to strenghten my affected areas are reinforced each time I come, and he can repeat things over again until I get it right. His sense of humor and caring come in handy when I'm feeling upset about how my body doesn't work the way it used to. And the one time I came in for an emergency in severe pain with a pinched nerve, he accurately diagnosed the problem, and took much time until I was able to walk out in much less pain. I am very grateful that I am a part of this practice.
Dr. Marcia Grossman
Dearest First Health,
To put it briefly, if I don't owe you my life, I do owe you my quality of life. When I arrived at your doorstep, I could not walk more than a block or two without having to stop to brace my back against the nearest lamppost or building. And, as I was approaching my 80's, I felt the situation could only get worse. Very painful, depressing and scary. And then I was referred to Noah- an exceptionally gifted, kind, diligent, persistent and perceptive therapist who has pushed me, encouraged me and taught me how to deal with my various spinal problems. I think of him gratefully as I accompany my husband on our 3-mile walks and can't imagine my life today without First Health!
Deborah Krasnow
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Noah Hyman, the first truly holistic physical therapist I have encountered in my 15 year career. Noah and his group at First Health Physical Therapy practice on a level
beyond standard physical therapy, allowing the patient to fully heal, addressing all areas of the body. Adroit in the science of body mechanics, Noah knows his craft better than any physical therapist I have worked with over the years. That's why I say to patients, if you are going to see Noah, I know you are in the best hands.
Robert Pastore, PhD